Be Fruitful – Messianic Teachings for Parashat Vayetze 2006-7 by Messianic Torah


Authority and Lies – Parashat B’reisheet 2007-8 By Messianic Torah

In this weeks parasha we start with the creation of all things. The very first sentence given to us from Elohim is that in the beginning He created two things the heaven and the earth. This starts us out knowing that all things in a sense were not created equal. Now what does this mean? Is the heavens greater than the earth?

Mat 11:11 Truly I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than Yochanan the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

Here something great on earth is considered still lower than something low in heaven. I’ts quite easy to see if you stand on the earth and look up by basic logic you consider things higher to be greater than things lower. Then Elohim goes on to make all the various things and then He says let there be light and named it good. He already saw the darkness and it was not declared good. And he divided the light from the darkness. The Hebrew word for divide is bawdal it is spelled Bet, dalet, lamed which in the ancient Hebrew could mean: house, door, teach. The door is the division of the house and the outside. Of course the concept of (house, door, teach) points to Mashiach who is called the door and the teacher, and the teacher of the house was also the priests. All these point to Mashiach. But what is this light that is divided? Mashiach is called the light of the world. He was divided from the darkness from the beginning. Then the waters are divided which are symbolic of peoples or words. There are waters above heaven and below. Evening and Morning are divided. The entire beginning of creation is all about where things belong, they are created and divided, boundaries are set between this and that. These boundaries are established by Elohim. Even the trees make trees after their kind and are thus divided from other trees. Elohim has an order to His creation and to all things. Some are greater as we get to the lights and some are lesser.

This reminds me of when Yochanan says I must decrease so he may increase. He knew the natural order of Elohim’s things. There were some at that time though that didn’t seem to know the order. That was the pharisees. They exalted or lifted themselves up over the people, Mashiach, and the word of Elohim. We will see this pattern in a moment. The entire time Elohim is creating He is announcing if an item is good or not. Just like the light was called good and darkness was not, we will see the result of Elohim’s order and praise and lack of praise for other’s when we get to Kayin and Hevel. So He creates and commands all His creation and then divides or separates the 7th day. The Sabbath. After we get through all of Elohim’s work we start to read about Adam and his life. After Elohim formed all the creatures He brought them to Adam and Adam named them. Name in Hebrew also means authority and it’s interesting that just as the great light was given authority to rule over day and the lesser to rule the night, then we have man given authority to rule over every living creature, this is exemplified by his giving them their name or position. Even with Chavah, He named her also. She was made a little lower than him to be his helper or servant.

So we get into the first problem. Chavah when being tempted by the snake had two problems, she was listening to someone not in authority over her and that person offered that she could be like Elohim. This was a position higher than what was given to her and above her husband essentially she is being called by a new name or authority. The serpent was offering her a different name then she was given. We can see this in the messianic movement when people actually rename themselves to sound more Hebrew, and we also see this when people give themselves titles like rabbi. The fact is you don’t have the authority to rename yourself. Your earthly father names you who is authority over you, then it is said Elohim, our heavenly father will rename us, but never ourselves. This cuts to the core issue did she want to be ruled over or not or did she want to rule over herself which ends up being the serpent ruling over you and being your husband. This is the heart of the matter in most religions and teachings today. It’s all a battle over position. There is what is given to you and as it says later there are those seeking to make a name for themselves. Not accepting the name they are given. They want to be higher than they are. Chavah even then gave to her husband to eat. In like pattern to the serpent who had no authority over her and then caused her to sin, she then who had no authority over her husband caused him to sin. But the sin is not in the tempting but in the allowing of another to rule over you in which was not put in authority over you. This is likened to our own flesh which we are in authority over. We must rule over it and not allow it to rule over us. This allowing of others to rule over you is really the gateway and choice that lead to the sins. I see this all the time with men like the pharisees, the nicolaitins who want to rule over others. Power hungry men and women wanting what is not theirs and wanting more than they were given. This is like men who were given a wife and children to rule over but instead want to rule over other men and their families. But the fault also requires lazy people who will let others rule over them. This is exemplified in the model of Adam and Chavah, when these two become one they had Kayin and Hevel. Two different types of people. Adam and Chavah were one in their sin, they both tried to blame others and tried to hide their nakedness after their sin. He blamed the woman, the woman blamed the snake who was like her husband because she was listening to him, but a woman trying to rule and a man being led by his woman is the core two part sin that started everything and we are still trying to correct it in our society. One could not blame the other because it takes two to make this cocktail of sin. Then they tried to hide from Elohim. Once a command to not do something is given the boundaries are started. It wasn’t until after this that you see a child trying to do something when mommy and daddy aren’t around, or to hide. It’s a natural reaction to sin to try and lie or hide.

This goes to the first main point of this message. When man sins he tries to lie about it. Hide it. Not admit it and if finally confronted tries to turn it around on the one who caught them. Blaming them for fault to avoid being revealed as naked and guilty. You may have experienced this with your wife I know I have. You will try and correct her and she will not admit wrong or try and blame you or point out your faults, use guilt or anger like a child to distract from the feeling of being found guilty and being naked. This is a major element in the Torah because the Torah shows us our nakedness and guilt. But people twist it to make up lies as the serpent did misqouting and twisting the words of truth like a vine to cover their nakedness. The root meaning of the word darkness which was not called good means to twist. So the serpent who also twists and twisted the words of Elohim keeps with this pattern. The pharisees wouldn’t admit they were wrong either they would not be brought low or humbled. This is why I think Mashiach said there is one who will accuse you and that is Moshe. They wouldn’t admit sin, or would blame others for sin but not themselves, they tried to cover their sins with prayers, and long robes, and high seats, and by bringing their brothers down and trying to rule over them. They like many who are self appointed pastors, and preachers selling lies are just children trying to hide their own sin. Let us all stand naked before YHWH in shame for our sins. When sin is revealed admit it and make it right. This is a world where we don’t speak the truth because it’s not polite. We lie to people and call it courtesy or political correctness. These are just ways the world has tried to hide their sin. People call murdering babies freedom of choice and homosexuality a lifestyle. I work in sales and see these lies all the time. Unfortunetly people have been trained to spin the truth and to twist things for your advantage is just good sasalesmanshipWell I guess the serpent was a salesman. He sold a lie to Chavah and she bought it and re-sold it to her husband. We all need to start to relearn what speaking real truth is and stop trying to hide our sin. If we put half that much effort into not sinning again instead of softening it up or displaying it nicer behind the sewn fig leaves of our twisting words than maybe we could be healed.

Joh 3:20 For every one that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

I believe Adam and Chavah were cast out until they could learn to discern between the truth and a lie. This is patterned in the eating of bread through sweat. Bread is like the word, the true word they had in the beginning, then they believed a lie and didn’t know their right hand from their left and so I believe we are cast out until we can learn the hard way the difference between truth and a lie. They started with the true word of Elohim, but now they shall learn His word through the sweat of their own cast out lives. People will hate you when you don’t believe their lies because satan is the father of lies and his children are not the children of Elohim. But we have all lied and hid it, and lied about it, and softened it, and found fault in others instead of ourselves. Stop hiding in the garden, you cannot hide from Elohim and He hates the lying tongue. Don’t hold yourself high infront of Elohim as if your sins are covered because they aren’t. They aren’t covered until He covers you. Seek to be pure and not covered. Stop boasting in Mashiach’s sacrifice and cleanse yourself in righteousness so that his sacrifice is not in vain.

So we see there has always been division with Elohim. His division is just and is order and truth. He also divides the wicked from the righteous. It started with the woman being divided from man such as she came into being it tells of her problem. It is a small thing trying to rule over the greater thing. it is a lowly snake ruling over a woman, a woman ruling over a man, a unaccepted brother murdering the accepted brother, and trying to hide it. Just like Kayin and Hevel there was a divided house because Kayin was not good. Notice it says if you do good, then won’t it be accepted. Yet darkness which was not called good was not accepted! This meant the darkness wanted to destroy the light but it could never put it out. Don’t boast in the covering or hiding of your sins. Work on walking in righteousness.

Joh 3:21 But he that does truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in Elohim.

It doesn’t say he that walked in darkness loves the light because it covers his sin. It says that you should have deeds of light so that when the light reveals your deeds they will be deeds of Elohim and righteousness. The door divides and those who belong in His house are on the inside with the light because darkness is outside and lies, and murder, and those who hide things.

Job 34:21 For His eyes are upon the ways of man, and He sees all his goings.
Job 34:22 There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of lawlessness may hide themselves.

Until we realize who is our authority and stop trying to hide our sin with lies I don’t believe we can re-enter the house of our Elohim. Let’s work on these two areas of our lives learning and respecting Elohim’s authority and your husband, and not lying or twisting things to your gain. Admitting your sin and changing it to righteousness. Shalom!

Drawn Out Parashat Shemot 2005-6 by Messianic Torah

Drawn Out

For Parasha Shemot

By Messianic Torah 1-21-2006

This Parasha has a wonderful message and application to all our lives. We see Moshe’s life in a nutshell. His start where Par’oh tries to kill him being a male child. Part of his protection was that he was raised as an Egyptian. Otherwise he would have been slain. This is very significant when it comes to scattered Yisrael. I believe we were not just scattered for our disobedience, but also as a form of protection from satan. By being scattered among his people we were allowed a certain protection while we were young. Once Moshe was grown though, he started to realize he might belong to the Hebrews. This emotion seemed to come out when one of his Hebrew brothers was being smitten. The natural defensive feeling when someone strikes your brother must have roused feelings that he was not one of Par’oh’s but these were his brethren. He was starting to hear the call, calling him out. Telling him he had a people, and a father he didn’t know. He was of course drawn out as his name means. Separated from his brothers with plans to come back and save them. Hmm sound familiar.

Next he goes to find his Father, to know his God. Probably raised with Egyptian Gods, never having the Torah we know of, nor much knowledge of his own peoples oral traditions and such, he made his way out into the wilderness and became a shepard. Learning essential skills needed for his destiny. A far cry from his previous life I’m sure as shepards were an abomination to Egyptians. He was getting back to his Hebrew roots. Like many of us he was I’m sure exploring his own boundaries spiritually, questioning things taught to him from his childhood. When he gets an encounter with the God of the Hebrews. He has been drawn out for a reason. But more importantly he is finally getting some answers about himself. Though I’m sure unsure of himself, It seems there would be some sort of peace within finally having a feeling of belonging and purpose. He was asked to save a people that he didn’t really know. They rejected him already once and now he would find out he was to be the one to save them. Not a general with an army, a simple shepard. The idea when he returned must have seemed crazy to the Hebrews, but God equiped him with some signs. When raised in slavery I’m sure they didn’t envision one guy coming and changing everything and freeing them. They were looking for another savior, maybe one with a mighty army. But as the scriptures say

1Co 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

It seems by taking someone so clearly not able to do a job people will know it is not by them but by the Almighty God that such things are done. The same thing they said about the master. Saying isn’t this the son of Mary and Joseph the carpenter, but how then can he do such great things, lest it be from God. It seems that Par’oh had the same problem of belief in the God of the Hebrews as he called men forward to do the same signs of this man of God. By doing so showing that these things can be done of men. But he eventually couldn’t do some of the signs and was humbled. How often do we take credit for things God has done for us. He will not share his glory. I have learned this lesson all to well. Moshe was drawn out from the world he once knew to know his God and to save his people. He was chosen from above to be a great servant and to confound both his people and Par’oh with signs and wonders of God. He may not have known why he was saved from death as a child, nor raised as an Egyptian, but it all brought him to this point where he would be used by God. Remember we don’t know who around us will be called and for what purpose. Let’s not have a high mind, nor be slack in our own responsibility to prepare ourselves to be used by God. He has not drawn us out for nothing and we must be diligent for the day when our destiny will be revealed. Shalom